Initial Test Plans

By Brian Rossman

My approach to testing.

This is my current plan for the REC version of the SCUBA Capsule.  This is influenced buy my current dive computer a Suunto D4, the fact that I’m in Michigan, and that I should be getting my hands on this Fall and its already a bit chilly considering I do not yet own a dry suit.  In general I will just be looking to compare the information between both computers on a dive.  I will be using the same table when I test the PRO version later.  I’m only listing things that might be tricky to test or that I really want to check out.

  • Temperature sensor: I’m planning on testing this in a heated pool and cold water to see if it is consistent.
  • Deco Algorithm is Buhlmann-16: My D4 uses Suunto’s RGBM so I might try and borrow a computer that uses the same algorithm.
  • Gas selection/Adjustable PO2/Oxygen Toxicity Indicator: I’m going to test this with a series of high O2 Nitrox to trigger some of these things without actually being in danger.  I will be using my D4 with normal settings for safety.
  • Underwater speaker: I’m gong to use the Music player to get a feel for the volume and clarity.
  • Messaging: If I find someone else with one I’ll test it.
  • Path / Course tracing: I am going to test this like mad!  If it works this will be an amazing feature.
  • 3D Dive Maps: These are an In-App Purchase and I’m not sure how good of coverage area there will be.  I will probably try them out if they cover some place near by.  This may involve waiting for the charter season to open up in the spring.

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